To keep your home in the best possible conditions, it is essential to perform regular checkups. Fix items that need fixing before the problem gets out of hand.


Some items may need to be checked more often or at different times. Much depends on the number of occupants, types of materials, local conditions, household pets, and other variables. This home maintenance checklist reflects the minimum time and service your house will require.


Keep a permanent record of maintenance of your home. It will enhance the marketing of you home when the time comes to sell. Just pull out the record to show the new owner what special care you've taken to keep the home in top condition.

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Capodice Inspection Services is proud to offer residential home inspections, commercial inspections, radon testing, seller inspections, structural inspections and many other inspection services to the greater McLean County. This includes Bloomington, Normal, Heyworth, Hudson, Downs, Towanda, Lexington, LeRoy, Danvers, Atlanta, El Paso, Carlock and several other communities.